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The Botanical Gardens

Running parallel to the railway tracks, the Botanical Gardens form the southern part of the green belt known as Lenuci’s Horseshoe. Every spring since the late 19th century the gardens have opened their gates to the public. Pride of the gardens is the collection of 10,000 or more plant species, ranging from exotic imports to indigenous Croatian plants.

The gardens are open until sundown and entrance is free of charge, but there are strict rules governing behaviour. It is forbidden to walk on the grass, shout, ride a bicycle or pick flowers. The greenery, the wonderful scentsand a general sense of peace constitute a true oasis in the centre of the city. The gardens are located on Mihanovićeva,named after the author of Croatia’s national anthem Lijepa naša domovino (“Our Beautiful Homeland”), Antun Mihanović.

Our Beautiful Homeland – Antun Mihanović

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